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“Advanced Protein Technologies,” constructs a security solution to protect its precious assets!

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As an abbreviation of “ Advanced Protein Technologies Advanced Protein Technologies A technology that has innovatively simplified the multi-stage process that was necessary for the production of protein in the past ,” the protein research company AP Technologies was founded in 2001. CEO Shin Cheol-soo majored in biological and chemical engineering and previously worked in a bio research institute. He started this protein process development research service business with his colleagues and juniors and targeted domestic and foreign novel drug developing companies. From technology development to research on targeted agents, the company has focused on novel drug development, and recently is promoting global commercialization of human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) production technology, which was transferred from the team led by Professor Seo Jin-ho of Seoul National University.

Human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) is a rare saccharide that exists at a level of 8% in human milk (0.1% in cow milk) and strengthens humans’ immune system and the developing brain of newly born babies unlike oligosaccharide, and has various effects such as containing probiotics and discharge of harmful bacteria. Based on this, the company attracted a strategic investment from Roquette Group in France, a bio food ingredient company, in October 2019.
Protect research data and technology know-how through technology outflow prevention!
In particular, AP Technologies is picked as a world level bio promising company with its core foundation technology related to recombinant microorganism design, high density cultivation, and purification process. It succeeded in retaining 8 patents by developing 9 technologies besides bio- isobutylene isobutylene One of butylene isomers. As a colorless gas with a unique smell, it is contained in low concentrations in crude and used as a synthetic source of rubber. over the past 3 years. This success lies in the steady efforts made so far in developing the protein production process and research data accumulated on production activity.
Data accumulated during research is a significant aggregation of knowledge
and a great asset of our company.
CEO Shin Cheol-soo, AP Technologies
However, this valuable data was momentarily lost. When the homepage was infected with the CoinMiner Trojan malware in 2018 and then infected again with a ransomware in early 2019, our data was unavailable for a short time.

CEO Shin Cheol-soo, who is interested in system management, wanted to introduce ERP ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) A system that connects management activity processes in companies and manages them in an integrated way. and SCM SCM(Supply Chain Management) A system that grasps the flow of goods and services from the perspective of a value chain and the smooth transfer of information. with the aim of being listed in 2020, but decided to introduce a security solution first because of these incidents. Once research assets are lost, their restoration is very difficult and any leak of research data and technology know-how accumulated over 20 years can strike a fatal blow to a company. That’s why he thought resolving security problems was a priority.

For this reason, he started a technology leakage prevention system, one of the smart factory businesses, in September 2019. He completed the introduction of a centralized document system Centralized document system A solution that has documents stored in the central server, thereby preventing files from being stored in a PC or printed It provides the three main functions of document leakage prevention, document loss prevention, and document management. and Personal information detection solution Personal information detection solution Secures visibility through the detection of dispersed personal information and construction of a security system using encryption with help from a government subsidy for half of the total project cost, and with these, the company’s assets were protected.
Before and after implementation of the smart factory system at a glance
한눈에 보는 스마트공장 Before & After
AP Technologies has faced lots of changes during construction of a smart factory system. Data loss caused by a malicious computer virus was prevented with version control and backup and work transition problems occurred when changing jobs and transferring to a different department was resolved through a centralized document system. And the security system was enhanced through leakage history management of important documents.
Data security was achieved through document version control and backup
Important data or members’ personal information could be leaked or lost due to malicious code or ransomware Ransomware A malicious computer code that invades a computer system and blocks access to important files and the criminal requests a ransom to regain access to the data infection and these things actually happened. However, we are able to manage important documents through regular backup and protect documents by copying them with the same folder even when infected with ransomware. Now the problems of document loss are part of our past, not our future.
Quick and efficient work transition thanks to a centralized document system
Work process was inefficient and inconvenient as we had to ask and receive documents when there was job change or department transfer. Also, work transition was also difficult as documents could be omitted. However, only if folder authority of the corresponding work was granted to new staff, the staff could check out all documents thanks to the centralized document system and thus work transition was performed efficiently.
Document leakage history management through document tracking system
Although we managed important documents by indicating grades, we could not check if they had been leaked or not. However, we enhanced document security by granting access authority to each folder and file, so important document tracking became possible. Now we can trace all routes of leakage of important documents.
CEO Shin Cheol-soo reports about AP Technologies,
“The smart factory system was an opportunity for customer companies to grow into reliable partners.”
신철수 대표가 말하는 에이피테크놀로지,
QWe wonder when and what made your company introduce the smart factory system.
A In 2001 when our company was just getting started, we had about 10 researchers. Then, as our company succeeded in attracting investments with new technologies in 2016, the number of employees increased to 60 and a new factory was built. Although we had made research notes manually, once we built the factory we needed a systematic management system to handle incoming/outgoing materials in the production process and inventory management. And we considered the introduction of a security solution for safe data storage to prevent leakage of our 20 years of research data and technology know-how, but the associated costs made us hesitate. In 2018 and 2019, we experienced malicious code and ransomware infection and thus decided we must introduce a security solution. While we were examining the many options, we heard about a technology leakage prevention system in 2019. We immediately applied and fortunately were selected as the target company. That’s how we implemented the smart factory system.
QWhat is the system specifically and what are its effects?
AIn the past, we didn’t even have the concept of a data server or firewall for document security. That’s why we had to do the basic work of constructing hardware to implement the technology leakage prevention system. We finished the construction in one month and then introduced a centralized document system. But there was a need for more extensive education than we thought. We received education for about one month and expanded the system across the company after the successful introduction of the pilot operation. As document sharing became easier after the introduction of the centralized document system, work cooperation was also simplified and work transition became faster and more efficient. As security became stricter, we began to feel confident that our research data, the company’s most important asset, was protected from malicious virus infections.
QWhat is satisfactory after the introduction of the smart factory system?
AA. As an R&D-focused company, research data is our most important asset. I am satisfied with the fact that these data are gathered in one central server and safely managed. Also, since there had been no internal security system and computer manager, some employees did their basic work and security work. That’s why we had difficulty in establishing and operating internal security policies. However, with the introduction of the smart factory system, we could hire those exclusively responsible for security work, which provided a much higher level of data and document security. These changes made our joint research institutions and customer companies view us as a trusted partner, which adds to our standing in the industry.
Effect of the introduction of the smart factory system at a glance
한눈에 보는 스마트공장 도입 효과
AP Technologies experienced data loss from ransomware, a malicious computer code, in 2018 and 2019.  However, no security breach has occurred after the installation of the security system.
Field personnel reports about AP Technologies,
"Greater convenience means work efficiency goes up."
What became different after the introduction of the smart factory system?
Management Support Division is the place where all company documents are compiled.
So it had to ask for documents from each department in the past,
but now employees can find documents by themselves.
This allowed work to be performed more quickly.
Kim Hyeon-gook, Executive Director of Management Support Division
Q. What was the biggest effect obtained from the centralized document system?
Aside from the headquarters, branch offices and the research institute were separate in the past,
which required employees to move while holding the files for their work.
But after construction of the centralized document system,
documents can be checked out immediately using a computer. It is very convenient.
Park Je-hyeon, Manager of Production Support Team, Production Division
What changes do you feel in work after the introduction of the smart factory system?
Recently, I transferred to a different department. In the past,
we had to receive the work transition from the department’s previous employee,
but now we can download necessary documents directly from the computer.
his made my transfer to the different department much more convenient.
Hwang Sang-tae, assistant Manager of Production Support Team, Production Division